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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

I bought a 40 dollar bike pump. It is a specialized. It will do both regular valves and presta valves. It has a built in analog psi gauge. I like it and think it will last a long time. I do a lot of cycling and my mountain bikes have presta valves and that is why I bought it. I think for a beach cruiser you would be ok with the 10 dollar pumps. Others on here might say something else but they should work fine. I can't say for sure because I haven't ever had one.

The Co2 setup if I remember right was about 15-20 dollars. It consists of a little valve that you screw the co2 into and then you put it on the valve of your tube to air it up. they say one co2 will fill two tubes. I carry the valve and two co2's with me.

I have never had a light so I can't help you there. Just thinking about it, the generator type might blow the bulbs at higher speeds but maybe you can modify it and put a larger roller on it.
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