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Default Re: What should i do??

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
"Maintaining" speed depends on whether you ride in a flat or hilly area. If you ride in a flat area, depending on the gear ratio of your rear hub, you can maintain an EASY 40mph. Good wind behind you 50mph is possible. Helmet and disc brakes recommended at those speeds... Just upgraded to disc brakes on mine. Took me 1/2 block to stop from full speed before I did.

Agred pn all the above. Im as broke as a whore in a convent, BUT ive been hitting 40+ with a SLIGHT uphill ( 49.9cc) WITH V BRAKES. which is a NO NO. well rear brakes at that speed are ALL but worthless. my fronts are behind/underneath my clutch lever. so am going to relocate my fronts to where the rear controls are, and probably remov the rears. ( not sure exactly yet ), BUT discs are pretty much a necessity. 40+ on a 40+ pund bicycle/engine combo, can be scary at times
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