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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

I have some good news - I just found a craigslist listing for the Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser - it has only been ridden 10 miles and only needs some minor adjustments. They are only asking 100 for it! that saves me a few bucks and gets me a few extra features: fenders and a rear rack. I'm pretty excited - supposed to pick it up tomorrow.

About the bike pump - I just don't want to get a crappy one - and I notice that there is a pretty major price jump between some models. It looks like you can get a pump for around 10 bucks, and then the next ones are all around 40 or higher. Are there any pumps to avoid?

About the CO2 stuff - how much do those things run? That sounds like it would be useful on the road!

Do you recommend any specific lights? Or what should I look for in a good light? And would one of those generator lights work? or Would that give it too much juice?
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