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Default Re: A good man and respected MB'er has taken a nasty spill

It is a "heads-up" for everyone...things do happen!

Craig has a really nice high-dollar bike that tops out at over 50mph. 5hp Tanaka rack mount.

Luckily the blow out didn't happen at top speed!!! He was going 25mph at the time.

He was in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks, and it was several months after that before he was feeling "back to normal".

Craigs accident was due to a defective tire...he found out that the tire was sold as being correct for his wheel, when in fact it was just slightly larger due to a manufacturing error. Under pressure it separated from the rim!

Craigs accident was a fluke...but everyone should follow these steps to safety on every ride:

1) Wear a Helmet...A 5 mph direct impact will cause life ending damage to the human skull. A helmet distributes the forces of an impact; giving you a much better chance of living through a nasty crash.

2) If anything "feels" probably is...STOP, and find the problem.

3) Don't go fast on a cheap're asking for trouble!!!

4) Watch traffic...because they aren't watching you!


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