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Default Re: Deacon's chainsaw bike.

Since i got the bike over most of the test track yesterday, todays project is to rebuild the frame for the engine. I learned a few things from the last week messin with the engine.

I had used a bolted on 90 degree angle Iron from behind the seat as a pivot. I am going with a strap hinge on the same set up, but pivot the other side which I plan to tie into the engine in more than one place this time. That engine is a lot heavier than the weed whacker. that should steady it up and allow the pressure to be on just one side. Of course I won't know for sure till I do it.

Also have to make a gas tank. I found a guy on ebay who has the gas caps and i can rerun the lines back to the chainsaw tank but I don't really want to do that. I would like to have a gas tank where I could see how much gas is left in it. I run out of gas a lot on the china girl bike. Anyway now that I know what is happening it might take a week to redo it.
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