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Default re: 60 MPH...achieveable? Who cares?!? Let blueprint an engine!

C'mon guys...some of you are making me out to be the school bully who's giving everyone a wedgie.

Chill out...It's just a bicycle with an engine on it. As I already said in previous posts...this is being built for a customer in Trinidad. As also stated in previous's the bike...not the engine, that makes "fast" a reality. 67 cc's, tuned, is more than enough to go fast.

The bike that I plan on using for the Trinidad build will be shipped tomorrow. DV went 43.7 on the GPS today. It was scary seeing him go that fast! That's it for this bike...I'm not willing to push it any further without a strong platform to take it to the next level.

Maybe I'll hit 52 mph, and that will be it!!! Who knows...who's just for fun. I told the customer in Trinidad that I would get the most out of it that I could. Plain and simple...I will have created a sturdy, safe, fast motorbike. If he wants more...he'll have to go elsewhere as I will have done all I can to make a fast bike.


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