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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

A bicycle helmet is bare minimum. They aren't designed for the speeds you will be going. I am sure it would help though. That is what I ride with. I am sure everyone here will agree you should go with a DOT motorized helmet like for cruiser motorcycles or street legal scooters.

I wouldn't use a light that runs off of the white wire because it drains energy going to spark. They make great battery powered head lights. Since you said night riding will be minimal so the batteries should last a while.

You can try a mirror but my guess is with engine vibrations you won't be able to see it well. Best thing is to glance over the shoulder. I have ridden regular motorcycles and the mirriors help but don't give as good of a view as being in a car. I imagine the bike mirrors would be smaller and worse visability. Rely on your instincs and make a quick glance over your shoulder when you need to.

bike pump is self explanitory. Although you may not know they now have a co2 cartrige set up for cycle packs or your pocket. So if you get a flat you hook up a co2 tank and it inflates the tire. These are the same tanks you put in a pellet gun. Nice for while you are riding.

There are bike locks that come with insurance. They will reimburse for your bike if it is stolen while locked up with thier lock. Ask about it at your local bike shop.

Be careful about speedos. Some get interference from the engine. There are links on here that can help you with that.

Any more questions?
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