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Default Re: Hello From Ontario

Blankenstein and Diceman, my apologies as I though you were inquiring to find what "MAC" was short for in relation to Apple / Mac Company (after reading again you stated not Apple computers). And yes a mac address is simply an unique identifier address that is assigned to network cards / adapters as Diceman was saying, routers have IP addresses not MAC addresses. No ISP really requires your mac address of your network card anymore as majority of DSL connections are Dynamic and no longer static, meaning they constantly change their IP address.

Thanks for all the responses, purchased a master link x4 for $5, feed the chain around the gear using my finger strength to move the gear forward while the spark plug was still on, lots of force needed but I got it around and linked it backed together, went 21km on the bike fine.

My worries about the clip link were unneccessary as a clip is just as good as using a standard link that would require a cheaply made $50 tool to put pins in and out of the chain. Very happy, added speedometer and hit 46.7km/hr on a slight uphill straight away without pushing the bike fully.
Im aiming for 55km/hr, with some adjustments and tweaks thinking this is more than possible.

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