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Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
I put 40T sprockets on all my bikes... they seem to be a good compromise between speed & low end power that works well with most HT engines.

I've used 36T's on a few bikes, & yes they're faster on the flat, but you lose a lot of pull going up hills.

After riding these bikes for a few years, I've gotten over the need to go real fast every day. Now I like to cruise & enjoy the ride!
The only time I ever need to go real fast is on our motorized bicycle club rides... (If you aren't fast, you get left in the dust!!)
Do you think the smaller sprocket would put too much strain on these small engines while going up hill? I mean NJ has got hills but some are pretty steep. The good thing is we have run up to the hills so that might give me a window of opportunity to speed up before hitting them.
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