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Default Re: CNS Carb. Question.?

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
I think Sportscarpat nailed it when he responded to you on the other CNS thread... "if you've had the same problem with 3 new NT carbs... the problem is probably not in the carbs!" You should check for other problems instead of the carb.
If you can't get your engine to run right with the simplest carb on earth, you're gonna have a lot more trouble with a more complicated carb.
Ive been rebuilding and tuning carburetors for 25+ years for myself and others on every kind of engine you can imagine and I think the simplicity of these carbs isnt a good thing but instead the problem with them, NO ADJUSTMENTS.....! reminds me of a Tecumseh OHH60 engine and the carbs on them no adjustments and aint worth messing with most of the time. BUT HEY I'M PROBABLY WRONG AND IT'S MY ENGINE AND NOT THE CARB......IT IS VERY STRANGE TO HAVE THREE BAD ONES.....? (:~/)

That said, I think my primary issue is like you said something beside just the carb and that problem is, that the engine I have vibrates like a freaking jackhammer @ half up to full throttle, it shakes the carb to death to the point that the needle is bounced in the seat which I believe is what is allowing the fuel overflow in the bowl which causes the flooding issue. I have an extra engine that has never been installed and that is my next step, I'm gonna put it on my bike and put the same carbs on it and see what happens if it vibrates out of itself I think I will have the same issues but if the new engine runs smooth enough not to jackhammer the carbs like this one does then just maybe I'll have a winner.

I will be sure to make my results known as soon as I get it done, Thanks for the input, I have found nothing but loads of helpful info. on this forum and I appreciate everyone that has commented on my questions, I have no doubt that I will get to the end of this issue and will have learned a lot in the proccess, this bike of mine is gonna run if it kills me......! :~{}
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