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Default Re: How to Bob the end off of a Cable w/o Spurring It

Your engine running rough with the clutch in had nothing to do with the freewheel. I don't believe it. Something else got fixed.....just watch what you change now.....but I am glad it's fixed!!!

Anyway my clutch cable is plain nasty and too late. I just cut the rear dérailleur cable and did the solder thing as well. Worked great - I used plumbing solder and plumbing flux paste with MAPP gas. Flux cleans and activates the metal and essentially draws the solder to it. You can get this stuff at Home Despot/Lowest/etc - but I already had it for sweating copper pipes. No sense buying it for one cable.

You can buy the crimp caps as well at any bike shops (wish I had some in stock!!)

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