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Default What should i do??

Hey guys

atm i have a mountain bike with a 70cc kit on it...

it vibrates like **** (I have read up a little on reducing the vibrations)

I lost my car licence for 2 years so i'm going to be doing a few 100km's on it a week so i want something i can just cruise on comfortably but the 2 stroke kills my wrists!

I was thinking i need something with suspension and maybe a 4 stroke engine?

I would love a cruiser style bike but i have no idea where to buy one in Aus..

What style should i go as i ride a lot and need something comfortable? cruiser or a mountain bike?

And should i keep the 2 stroke and get a jack shaft kit or get a 4 stroke (can you get a multiple speed gearbox for these)?

so many questions i know!!! links to peoples bike are always good too!

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