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Default Any Brits on This Forum? :)

I'll be taking a trip the UK in a couple of years, and if my motorized bicycle turns out to be reliable enough, I'll want to take it apart, ship it over in a crate, and put it back together afterward (I have a full toolkit prepared so it can be disassembled/reassembled with the tools in the front bag).

The question is, can i ride it? i have a class M motorcycle licence in the US, heard that is transferable (correct if i'm wrong) but will i be noticed if i ride on the streets? Some qualifiers: I ride responsibly, I always wear a helmet, I will have a headlight, mirror, and speedometer on the bike, and kill the motor if very near a policeman. I also will have a jackshaft to keep the bike quiet at cruising speed.

Would the UK police be more vigilant or more like the ones hear, provided you have/do all of the above they don't really seem to care?

Thanks for the help.
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