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Default Re: Hello From Ontario

Originally Posted by diceman2004 View Post
that link should do ok . other than that you would use an actual link from a chain and press it back together , with a chain tool ,

and MAC , as Blakenstein was asking about , refers to ( media access control ) as in ( MAC address )
used for wireless routers and network connections security
Right on Diceman!!! I just found out that u are absolutely right!! After Watts reply, I went diggin through all these papers I saved, And I found that I had written it down...there it was MAC =media access control but I cannot find the paper where I got it from all I can find is ...MAC is an address that is written on modems and is also called hardware address

It does have to do with networking muti computers together in a network. I did not have to deal with it,because I'm only using my wireless router and adapter as a private link to the internet, without networking the two computers together, so it was easy.

I hope I never have to manually configure a router and /or network computers together. That is way too much for my brain with all this dynamic host control protocol, extensible authentification protocol,
local area network( which of coarse I just skipped right by it-left that alone also),and the good old MAC -media access control.....I geuss I knew what to touch, and what not to touch.

any way i orderd spare chains from Florida, and while I was waiting I was constantly worried that the master links would not be with the shippment. When the chains arrived, my heart sank through the floor when I realized my nightmare had come true!!! the master links were not there.

I was gonna phone Florida but decided not to because I figured that he was gonna think

"what's wrong with these Canadians?? can not they put a chain toghether without having to use a master link??" So my bike chain tool was too big for #25 chain small chain, but the best quality chain in the world (same as timming chains for heliocopters)

What I did was rig up a vice and a small tapperd punch -used that as a press and it worked great!!!

I practiced first on my old chain- now I use my old chain as a rasp to remove my sprocket when my free wheel cassette comes off alone- without the sprocket and adapter plate.

When they come off together, it's even worse, but I have a way of geeting around that also..

So, I've still got 2 brand new chains for spare----One whom owns and rides a MB, should always have spare chain, and lots of it!!

Edmonton is an oil town and just about everything and anything can be gotten here. I found a company called B.C. Bearing and they had the same heavy duty chain with the same pitch- he even mesured it with a vernier however it was not the same super material ( he had 25H but not 25Hda) so I want the best and I'll get from Florida.

The midway carnival company needed special machining done on one of thier midway rides. A machine shop here in Edmonton was the only one they could find that could do the work. Not only does Edmonton have lots of Canadin tire which is great!!, but Edmonton also has at LEAST 2 Home Depots probrobly more than 2 but I only know and have shopped at 2 in 2 different locations in this City. ya know, it's kind of weird, but great!!
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