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Originally Posted by mountain80 View Post
What rpms are you running? I have a tach and run the stock 6000 rpm at that speed so you are running either very high revs or?
It seems to me I'm runnin at moderate RPMs. Not revvin to high at all, there's actually a speed point of about 32mph where the motor just purrs consistantly. When I'm rollin with traffic at 38mph + the bikes just cruisin and I'm at 3/4 throttle. I've opened it up all the way on long flat straights at high RPMs and I was rollin so fast I didn't feel safe on the thing. We use our local digital speed trap to clock ourselves and our speedos on the bikes. The last motorized bicycle Venice beach ride I was cruisin {just cruisin} up a hill side by side with a car checkin me out and I yelled at the guy "How fast am I goin"? and he said 33mph. Again, I was just cruisin at 3/4 throttle. I do have a cafe fairing on the front of my bike of which I'm sure cuts down the drag of my body against the wind.
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