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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

Well, the revised edition is done. I see the advice of too much sparkly logo, well, I used it a bit more this time, but only for .6 milliseconds each time except the first one. I've traded the transition effects for occasional logo flash. This cuts down time significantly. I've got it down to 1:19, cutting 49 seconds in total. Also, all the bikes shown are mine, and I just took some new pictures to show framework as well. It's uploading to you tube now, I will post the link when it is done uploading, and when it is done uploading, it will be viewable. Let me know your thoughts on this revision, here are some things to consider when judging this video...

I only have one recording I took a couple of days ago to work with, which is like 30 - 45 seconds of usable footage.

I am limited to pictures of my own builds.

I'm still kind of new at this advertising thing.

Thank you so much everyone, I really hope this turns into something that might bring in some customers, and inspire more motorbicyclists into existence!
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