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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

After that, it comes down to whether paint color matters enough to you to spend an extra twenty or forty dollars. It doesn't to me.
I am right in there with you. I don't really need the rear rack or the fenders at this point. The rack might be somewhat useful - but not 40 bucks useful The fenders (from what I can tell) are more of an aesthetic piece rather than functional - and at this point I really just need something that functions like I want it too.

It is nice that I like the look of the bike though - I can upgrade it as I get more money to do so and already have a look that I like to start off with.

I am looking for recommendations for a number of other accessories as well:
Head light
Helmet - would a normal bike helmet work or should I go for something like a moped helmet?
Bike pump
Bike lock

Am I forgetting anything? Is anything unnecessary? I will be riding this bike to work 5 days a week at least and may need to ride at night sometimes. I would like everything to function well but be as cheap as possible. (So I wouldn't want to only pay a buck for a light if it doesn't illuminate the road )

Thanks for the help!

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