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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

All three bikes are identical, except that the grey one comes with fenders, and the Point Beach comes with fenders and a rear rack, and they're different colors. You can add a rear rack for less money than the price difference, so forget the Point Beach.

Now the difference is fenders. I can't tell you whether the fenders that come stock on the Schwinns are good or not, but I know the ones on the Huffy Cranbrook (also a Pacific Cycles product) are weak. If you can visit a store and look for yourself (on any Schwinn cruiser they have), you'll be better informed. I can tell you that you can probably add good fenders to the orange Landmark for about the same cost as the price difference between the two models, if you keep your eye out for good deals.

After that, it comes down to whether paint color matters enough to you to spend an extra twenty or forty dollars. It doesn't to me.
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