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Default Re: Addicted Motorbicycles Commercial!

For the clips of the bikes being ridden, shoot some new footage. Ride in a non-residential area where there aren't parked cars. Out in the country is good, or in an industrial park if you can find one with the right look. If you're going to do shots from a fixed point, do a series of them (not so many from the same vantage point), and use a tripod. Even better - shoot the video from a moving car. You could also do this in a trafficky downtown, among other cars. All this adds motion and action, makes the video less static. Also pay attention to the rider's outfit; your rider is a modeling your product.

Last thing, if you want tire smoke from a burnout, pour a little bleach on the ground and do your burnout in that. Don't inhale it, and it probably won't look very good if there's any wind at all, but that's how you'll get smoke.
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