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Default Re: Hello From Ontario

Just went to a local store and picked up a master link replacement for the missing link that broke off the chain. I am a bit worried as the link is simply a slide thorugh with a brace pin/clip to hold it tight.

The fellow who sold it to me said it was a 41 master chain link that matched the 41 number etched on the chain I was using with the bike, he also said it would be fine as long as I situated the pin in accordance with the direction the chain is going. So place opening end of pin facing opposite direction that chain is moving.

I also made sure to ask him if it was safe and wouldnt break off, he said that was the link made for the chain and that its a snowblower chain. Does this info sound right? should i be looking to get a link that requires he pins to be clicked in with a tightening tool? Thanks for any iput.
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