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Default Anyone have a 48 or 66cc on a 20" bike?

I have an 60's or early 70's 20" bike that has a springer front end I'm not sure what kind of bike it is but it has a tag saying it was made in Ohio, I have an extra 66cc engine that I was hoping to put on the bike , so I checked today and the engine will mount right up with just enough room, I want to put the best overall sprocket size on it but I am unsure what to use on the 20" wheel, I am thinking of going with a 32T since the wheel is so much smaller that my 26" bike, I have a 41T on it and it works great on the 26" mountain bike, I'm 5'10" and 200lbs I live in the country and have about 3.5 miles of dirt road before I get to pavement and a couple a pretty good hills on the way and the 41T on the 26" works fine, a little sluggish at the hill top but it still pulls them with out having to pedal.

Anyone know if the 32T on the 20" wheel will give me about equal pulling power and about equal speed on the 20" bike?
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