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Hey guys,
Avid R/C flier here, and yes R/C motors are totally different, porting, boost and transfer, ABC ta pered cylinder, Thru the crank induction, Shoot, RPM in the stratosphere, diesel compression, I used to run "Quickie 500" Pylon racing, not "Legal" but ran 50% nitro, 22% synthetic lube and the remainder methanol. Normal R/C fuel 18-20% lube, 20%nitro remainder methanol.
I too have tried nitro when racing karts, double jet size(methanol 32:1, gas 14:1), retard timing 4deg
change oil every race(5 horse B&S 4 stroke) the only benifit I could see without HUGE changes would be the octane of methanol is about 113 true, add nitro probably 200, it is a self oxidizing fuel, more air is not needed(i'm generalizing)
But if anyone wants to try it, please make a video, preferably at dusk with sound!
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