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Default Re: Will a 24 tooth work?

Originally Posted by Bikewithamotor View Post
Well I am going to sub out the 44 for the 24. I'm wondering if it will work though because the shift kit that you can buy for your engine uses the 24 tooth.

What do you think?
Try stepping down to a 36T. The engine will still pull it, although you will loose some low speed performance and acceleration.

I'm fairly certain that a 24T is too small to drill for the rag joint wheel mount. Even if you can get it to work by some other means...I can assure you that you will not like the effect of a 24T sprocket!

The shift kit has been designed to use the smaller sprockets that are on the rear cluster of a multi-speed bike. There is a primary reduction through the jackshaft prior to the final drive.

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