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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

IVIaxPow3r it wasn't too many years ago when I weighed in pretty close to what you say you do now. I took up bicycle riding as a way to help get the weight off so can tell you that losing a hundred pounds made a big difference in the way my bicycles performed. Thin road type tires and even the 26"X1.75" tires need maximum inflation to avoid a lot of flattening at the ground contact points. The larger 26"X2.125" beach cruiser balloon tires will handle heavier loads better. As for brakes, yes the V type brake works better with less lever pressure but it's simple physics, the brake pads convert kinetic energy into heat. The more energy that needs to be converted the longer it takes with a given sized brake pad and pressure. I'm not saying that a larger person shouldn't ride a motorbike just trying to point out that caution needs to be used as these vehicles are basically experimental in that each one is somewhat different due to variations in installation, kit and bicycle quality and the daring of the rider. I think you'd probably enjoy installing a motor kit and have fun riding it. The only thing I wanted to bring up was a couple things to think about when selecting a particular bike. Look for one that can handle two inch tires and has V brakes. That will give the best handling performance with a China motor. Before installing the engine be sure to clean and regrease the wheel and crank bearings if the bike is used, it's even a good idea on a new bike as they are rarely well lubricated. Make sure the brakes are adjusted properly. There's lots of information on installing an engine here and on other forums and you can find lots of information on bicycle maintenance and adjustment on the internet. Good luck on your project and keep us posted we all are interested in these things.
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