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Default Greetings from a N00b...

Hi all... I just picked up a Worksman off of CL and will be doing a slow build to a knock-off 1909 Excelsior Autocycle. I live in Seattle across the street from a building that was an Excelsior dealership in '09 and so thought it appropriate.
My background is in cars and motorcycles, mostly early American fords and BMW. I have owned too many Beamer bikes to count and currently drive an old 2002.
I do not know what course this will all take but I hope to ultimately mount this thing with a single cylinder 4 stroke from a 50's or 60's euro bike. For now I will work the running and driving out with a china girl and go from there.
I don't know how active I'll be on this board since I like to spend time doing things instead of lurking on boards but so far this has been a great source for info... Thanks for that, keep the shiny side up and I'll be either lurking or posting about questions and exploits soon enough.


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