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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

Originally Posted by exavid View Post
Not to be insulting but at your weight it might be a good idea to find a bike that can handle larger tires such as 26" X 2.125, at least on the rear wheel.
Not insulted what so ever Just curious about a few things. 1. Do you have personal experience with this process when the rider weighs what I do and or do you know someone in a similar situation who had trouble? 2. Will the bikes that I mentioned not handle those tires? And do you have any examples of bikes that would fit those tires if the ones I mentioned wouldn't?

These motorbikes are a lot of fun but will take tinkering to keep them going, reliability isn't their strong point. There is a bit of risk since most bicycles brakes aren't anything to brag about especially when heavily loaded and riding in the 20mph range. They don't stop fast under those conditions. You'll need to accept the possibility of a rear wheel jamming and dumping you on the ground, it happened to me when the idler sprocket loosened up and dropped the chain into the wheel. I don't want to be a wet blanket but just wanted to make sure you know some of the possible downsides as well as the fact that as long as you know their shortcomings and can accept the risk they are fun. But remember these things aren't engineered like a motor scooter, motorcycle or automobile.
I wasn't sure if this was 2 points or not. But about what looks like the first: do you or anyone have any good solutions for the issue about the brakes? Should I be worried about it - or am I likely to be okay?

About the second point about jamming up: Does this have to do with the brakes? Or just a common mishap with the chain? And is there any way to make it not happen or make it less likely?

I am okay with the risk either way - the last post what just a lot of the problems without any solutions. Is there no solution - or is it just difficult to account for?
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