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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

Originally Posted by taddthewadd View Post
1. I would budget 25-40 a month for 2 stroke oil and minor parts like spark plug, chain, etc. If you have money left over each month from that budget save it in case you need a new engine or something big like that.
This sounds very doable - it is actually about the same amount I currently budget for gas. Theoretically I could switch my gas budget to a bike maintenance budget and still come out ahead on repair costs and what not.

Originally Posted by taddthewadd View Post
2. In frame is cheaper and more abundant on the forum so you will find more info about them on here also it will keep the engine heat and exhaust further from your groceries.
Good to know.

Originally Posted by taddthewadd View Post
4. At the bike shop they call Walmart bikes throw away bikes. What they mean is if anything breaks throw it away because it is easier to buy a new one than fix it. They are junk. With that in mind look for a good used bike. Craigs list is great.

Take your time to find a good bike for a good price. Also I don't think it has been mentioned, when looking for a bike make sure the rear hub flange (where the spokes attach) is small enough for the sprocket to fit over. Some newer bikes have larger flanges but most bikes have the smaller flange that will work.
I guess I don't really know what I am looking for in a good bike. I definitely understand some elements now about the wheels on Wal-mart bikes and what a better option is - but how do I know a good bike from a bad one? Or a good deal from a bad deal? And what kind of price range am I likely to find, or have you found before?

On the flanges - will that be something that is somewhat easy to spot or measure? Or would I need to take the sprocket with me to be able to tell if it will work?
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