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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

Originally Posted by taddthewadd View Post
As far as your reliability question, these motorized bicycles can be transportation but I would consider them first a hobby. They can be pretty reliable but they do need tinkering here and there. If you don't like to work on things it may not be for you. But if you like to tinker then you will love it.
I guess my concern isn't as much about reliability in and of itself - I am fine to tinker with it - but I am wondering if I am looking at a consistent financial investment to keep it running. And if so, what kind of investment? It seems like this would but much simpler to work on than my car is - so that would be wonderful in comparison - and I am very ready to do that if needed. But what kind of consistent cost should I expect? (If any)

For reliability, these kits can be fine one set up properly, but I would recommend something like a Titan or other rack mount set up for ease of set up and maintenance.
I guess I didn't realize that a rack mounted engine would be any easier - what about this is easier? Also - at some point I am thinking I want to be able to attach a trailer to the bike to go grocery shopping - would there be any advantage to going one way or the other with an in-frame vs. rack mounted engine in that regard?

Figure 20-25 mph cruise speed, though some claim a lot more....take that with a grain of salt.
Speed isn't too much of an issue for me - as long as I can ride it without needing to pedal - that is the main thing that interests me. Well, as long as it can go as fast as I could pedaling that is.

A few additional things to consider are while a bike can be had at Walmart for under $100 new - the rims are treacherous. While the rest of the bike may be fine (get front brakes if it's only got a coaster) the wheels aren't really up to this sort of thing and will probably need replacing - I'd hunt up a good used bike if money is an issue.
Is there anything else on a cheap wal-mart bike that isn't up to snuff as well? Like chains or other gears or what not? (I am a newb at almost all this stuff - so I don't really know most of the correct terminology) And am I likely to get a better value for my dollar getting a used bike from a bike shop than getting a cheap bike from wal-mart and fixing the things that are likely to fail?
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