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Default Re: Need help with some direction.

As far as your reliability question, these motorized bicycles can be transportation but I would consider them first a hobby. They can be pretty reliable but they do need tinkering here and there. If you don't like to work on things it may not be for you. But if you like to tinker then you will love it. It is such a blast riding these things and yes you will probably get addicted to them. There are guys on this forum that have ridden thousands of miles with no problems and others that aren't so lucky. They say that the quality of these engines vary and there is not a great way to tell what you are getting until you get it. Your best bet would be to get something from one of the vendors on this site. By the way if you do have a problem with your engine you won't be left in the dark, you will have everyone on this forum eager to help you. Also there are parts you can buy to increase reliability. Look through all of the vendors on the left and right of this forum and you will see them. You might not be able to afford them now but as you go along you can get them. Some that I would recomend is a better spark plug and plug wire, engine hardware kit, o-ring for carb, etc. Last thing, if you use it to go to work make sure you leave early enough that if you have a problem you can still make it on time, remember the bike will still be able to go by peddling if you are in a bind.
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