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Default Hello From Ontario

Hows it going everybody. Just new to this, first bike with 80cc engine just purchased a week ago and loving it. I am a computer guy so have very limited knowledge about engines and motors etc, so all of this is new to me.

I purchased a chopper style bike fixed with a 80 cc engine, and it seems to drive well...sounds good while idiling. Just recently due to the vibrations after 20km of riding the braces on the motor came loose and the chain came off and got stuck in between the rear sprocket and bike frame. I managed to get the chain lose and re-attach it, as well as tighten the motor braces back to the bike frame (Should I look to use lock washers to keep these bolts from loosening?).

After I tightened the motor back I noticed that the bike would not push passed 20 km/hr, I realized chain was too tight and set the motor back in place with adequate slack for the chain. After riding it 2 km distance it was going great and the speed was hitting 40 km/hr again, when all of a sudden the chain snapped.

It seems the chain is missing a link, I am new to this and want to be sure that it is fine to get the chain link fixed or would buying a new chain be better? When I mean getting it fixed I mean re-linked professionally. Further more after I have the chain fixed how am I to get it around the gear of the motor when its not enough room to wrap it around after removing the cap.

Also notice that when I get to a certain speed it seems the vibrations make the CHOKE go on hence slowing the bike, I have temporarily used an elastic band attached to my seats quick release and the choke valve to keep it off once the motor is heated.

Thanks for any input.
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