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Default Need help with some direction.


I am new here and new to motorized bikes in general. But after looking around - it looks like a motorized bike would work really well to help me get some problems solved

My main problem is that my car keeps having trouble - and I cannot afford to rely on it at the moment (cash is tight).

So I am looking to get/make a motorized bike that will fit my situation. I'll let you know what my situation is - and hopefully this wonderful community can tell me what direction I should head to fix my problem.

I am looking to spend no more that $300 (a little over is okay if necessary). I need something that is reliable/sturdy enough to either rarely need repaires or have the repaires minimal and inexpensive. I don't care too much about how fast it goes - I manly am just looking to have an easy ride that doesn't involve too much of my own leg power. I am a larger fella (around 300 lbs) and I know that likely makes a difference on speed - but I am wondering if it makes a difference on how much power I need either way. I would prefer to not have to get a motorcycle license (read: 49cc) - but I don't know if my weight would require me to get something with more power. The area I live in is slightly "hilly" so I need it to at lest be able to make it up hills without dying or causing the engine any problems. The drive to work is 3.3 miles one way (so it's not vary far) and I drive there at least 5 days a week. I am also looking to possibly get a trailer for the bike so I can do some grocery shopping for my wife when necessary as well.

I would like suggestions on bikes and engines and where to get them from. Thanks in advance for any help. Feel free to ask me any questions if I have left something out.

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