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Default Re: Hello from Pennsylvania

I finally solved the pipe problem! It turned out that there actually wasn't paper in the pipe(it was blown out when I drove the engine without the pipe) When I put the pipe back on the bike, I put a lot of squirtable gasket on- I didn't know you're just supposed to smear a little bit on. The gasket material blew down the pipe and got clogged in the palladium catalytic converter(a little honeycomb piece of metal in the pipe). Me and my neighbor cut off the end of the pipe, jammed a screwdriver in the pipe, and eventually got the converter out of the pipe! Now, I just have to weld it back together and make sure it works. We have some beautiful weather(65*, sunny).
Also, I painted the engine black with stove paint, and then switched the front forks with some suspension forks and painted those black too. I'll get some pictures up soon. Thanks to everyone for their help!!
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