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Default Re: Deacon's chainsaw bike.

I got the engine running today and I rode it most of my mile test track before it shook all the bolts loose.

The good news the engine runs super strong.

The bad news the engine runs super strong. It started to skip over the tire at anything above idle. I don't have the tension right and the gas tank fell off. I have to do a better job with that.

The gas tank on the saw would never have worked anyway. I would never have been able to put gas in it because of the angle it sits in. Now i am looking for a better tank.

I did put the rope start back on to get it started that first time. I wasn't sure why I could drag start it. The thing did start with the pull chord and then it started with the drag start. Next time It might do better.

Now that I know it will work I have to start working on the location of the engine the tension on the wheel and build a good gas tank. I could be wrong but I think this bike will do everything I want it to.

It's 33cc and a poulan. It has been well used in spite of what I thought when I bought it. Next time I know what to do though. The first one is always a learning experience. I'll keep you posted. here are the first pics.

So does anybody have an idea what I can use for a gas tank that is cool and will hold at least a quart of gas. We can make it a contest best suggestion wins a gold star. I have no idea what use it would be to you but you could add it to your signature.
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