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Default re: 60 MPH...achieveable? Who cares?!? Let blueprint an engine!

Originally Posted by Charged-Reacter View Post
I see no need for 60mph bicycle....somebody will end up getting hurt.
People are going the wrong direction on keeping these bicycles on the roadway.
Don't worry charged-reactor...this will be done at a dragstrip with DV wearing a full MX suit with helmet. We have a dragstrip near the shop...Wednesday night is test and tune. For $10.00 you can run what you got...and get a time slip.

I have a customer who lives on the Island of Trinidad. They have been into motorized bikes for a few years. They have races on a course, (controlled enviornment), that is made up of city streets that have been blocked to traffic. Sounds like fun to me! A mini Isle of Man type race.

He wants, Quote: "The fastest motorbike in all of Trinidad"

I'm the first one to speak out about bicycles, speed, and the risks involved if not done right. I see too many people here on the forum that want to make thier $89.00 Cranbrook fly, and it's a real bad idea if you are not mechanically inclined!

A thread such as this, that outlines what it takes to go fast safely might have the opposite effect by making newbies realize that it is expensive to do it right.

I tell people to figure on doubling the cost of the bike for each 10 mph speed segment beyond 20mph.

I.E. 20mph $120 bike...30mph $240...40mph $500 etc. This is based on the desired sustained speed. I think it's fairly realistic.

If ya wanna go fast you gotta look at the whole package...not just H.P.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, Kawasaki's motorized bicycle is a good example of the total package...good wheels, good brakes, etc. There are others here on the forum who also know bicycle hardware...Bairdco, RedB, outrunner, just to name a few.


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