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Default NOOB coming Onboard!!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. My Name is Jesus, but i prefer going by "J"

I just recently got into motor bikes and I personally think that there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING better than riding a bike that u can pedal, or if you get tired, switch on the engine and go.

Im currently working on a project. Its for a 20" "Chopper" style Bike. I had an old scooter that I took apart and decided to mount the engine on the bike. Its quite a feat, but I feel that with time, patience, and a little TLC it will come to live by mid June, if not sooner.

The motor, all I could find out about is that its a 50cc 2 stroke motor, that tops off at 45 mph, at least it did when it was on the scooter itself.

Let me know what you guys think, I'm going to be posting pictures soon and hopefully I can get some info out of these forums.

Its great to be here, and feels even better to know that there are also people out there that are as fascinated by motor bikes as I am.

Have a nice day everyone, and I will be checking back soon!!

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