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Default Re: To go BIG...or not that big?

Originally Posted by Mo'Beffah View Post
got a 66cc grubee starfire coming. Blacked out. Hopefully it'll fit this bike. That crossbar might get in the way. Then if it does fit I dont know if I'm gonna go big. Like shift kit. which shift kit? SBP or Dax's? It's got a 3-speed shimano internal hub gear system so it might be worth it. If that doesn't break. Well see. Thanks for all the help already. Any guesses on if that kit will fit in the bottom of this frame? if the engine doesn't fit I'm definately going big cause my brother has a sick full suspension mountain bike with choke gears that I could buy off him. That would def be worth the shift kit. But this is my cruiser. Ridden it for some years and it's just asking for a motor. If it does's gonna look smooth. Thanks.
Hmm that crossbar, looks as though it WIL interfere., can you weld, or know anyoen who can?, and come up wiht an alternative, for that bar?. looks as though anythig mounted in there. will hit the bar. i could be wrong, BUT that how it look sto me
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