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Default Re: Psyched in Portland

Thanks so much for the welcome and info- greatly appreciated.

I'm glad that my choice of cruisers was a good one, so far it's the most perfectly COMFORTABLE bike i could imagine for 90% of my rides, and thanks to Jared I now know it can be powered by a four stroke as I envisioned. I LOVE your bike man!

It's also helpful to hear from an Oregonian about legalities here. (Props to mabman). I talked with people in my local bike shops on my travels today. No one had even heard of a Portland retailer/installer of gas powered bike engines. They were ALL pro-electric, with plenty of tips and recommendations.

The vibe I'm getting in this hyper bike friendly city is that gas "just isn't done." And in one way or another, everyone mentioned likely police scrutiny. And as quirky, green and near-Utopian as Portland is in so many ways, NOBODY want's to fall into the police's "profiled" category. (Some might correctly and factually add that Portland police inadvertently "kill" the unarmed and "mis-profiled" on a "semi-annual" basis, but it might be politically charged and I couldn't possibly comment.)

So I'm a bit rudderless again. Is a reliable, quality 4 stroke engine of 35cc's even available? I have NEVER seen one advertised. And though I have no philosophical qualms with all electric (I'm actually warm to the concept), isn't it going to be exponentially more expensive to achieve similar range?

One way or another, Gidget is gettin' motorized. I'm too new here to know our moderators or active members well, but would love to hear from Oregon (maybe Portland?) residents, and feel free to move this thread to a more appropriate topic category.

Thanks again!

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