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Default Re: ignition timing adjustment methods

You're probably right about an inherent change in advance with RPM in the stock CDI. It definitely won't stay at precisely the same amount of advance. I suspect that it might even decrease advance very slightly with RPM.
I'll bet, though, either way, that it's far from an ideal advance curve.

We might be similar ages - I was around before solid-state technology got going.
(I'm 51, born 2 years after B&W TV first started in Australia)

Do get a PIC compiler and a programmer, you won't regret it.
If you can make PCBs, there are quite a few free programmer designs on the web and plenty of free compiler and programming software.
Atmel micros are the rage these days, but the older PICs are good for most things and cost virtually nothing.
(Good fun, too.)

Regarding my generator, although it's a 100W motor, as a generator I'll be pulling an absolute max of about 50W out of it.
... Steve

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