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Default Re: ignition timing adjustment methods

ok ill try to build a volt/rpm/timing change graph i do beleve that the advance will not remain consistant as the voltage rise/fall ramps steepen at higher voltage/rpms
i teally like your idea of building a higher power alternator setup to get 12v at "many amps"
then lighting and possibly a old gm cdi unit could be used for a hot blue spark that can blast away carbon and run into many thousands of rpm's if there was a good 100 watt 12v scource the possibilities "oh the possibilites" im going to get me a pic programmer someday soon. as i grew up when there were still vacum tubes in televisions "not just the crt lol
i use my motorized bicycle to do a 40mi commute weekly and keep it on the deck of my sailboat
i have found a very good bike for the kits i dont know the manufacture of them but they were made for the new york city package delevery bicycle guys "heavy axles" "thick rims" "heavy 12ga spokes" and hardened gears and chain
tried to getit off the guy that owned it but he wasent budgin lol
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