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Default Re: New Staton axle mounted kits

Originally Posted by mifletz View Post
Pending someone giving a review of their actual experience with it, what are the only disadvantages
you expect with this type of kit?
The engine is pull start, this is not the problem, but if the engine dies while riding you probably aren't just going to reach down and start it back up because of it's location. You will probably have to stop somewhere and get off the bike to re-start. Maybe not a big deal to some, but it would really irritate me. Also, the location of the engine gives it no protection at all. It is hanging pretty far out there, just asking to get knocked off or damaged. I don't think it would take much of a hit to do some serious damage. The way it mounts to the frame is a little lacking in structure, for my taste. Those little tabs are working hard to hold just the engine without any extra force from some kind of impact. If your bike doesn't have these tabs, can you still install the kit? This may not be as universal as most other kits. Kind of hard to tell, but the sprockets and chain seem to be a different size and pitch than the normal kits, which are pretty much interchangable, this limits the spare or different parts you can easily find and purchase. These parts could probably be swapped out for others so you could use normal parts, but that would be an extra expense and effort that other kits don't have. You have to have a wheel laced, if you don't know how to do it. Extra$$ I do like the freewheel, though. I have this on my bike. I didn't have to do it to get the bike running, though. It was a choice and afterthought. I had the other wheel laced while I was riding my bike with the normal ragjoint install and just swapped out the wheels when it was ready. I guess that would be what I expect, pending someone giving a review of their actual experience with it. There's probably more, but that will do, for now.
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