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Default Re: Clutch lever, cable & assembly

First thing I would do would be to go to the bike shop and get a brake lever then throw that silver thing just as far as I could.

the silver thing on the end is most likely you cable end. It goes into the brake lever and then the cable is threaded through the opening and twist the nuts on the end so that the slot is closed around your cable.

then route the cable down to the engine. Slip on the long sprint it is your heat shield so it goes around the engine it isn't really a spring at all. then you put your cable stop, the brass thing with the screw in it on. slip the cable through the hole in the brass thing. That is how you adjust the clutch throw.

There is a slot in the clutch arm. the cable fits through it. then you run your brass cable stop up till it is tight (and i mean tight with a little clutch tension) and tighten the screw to hold it.

At this point you should have some cable hanging down. Don't cut it off till you test the clutch. work the lever on the handle bars and see if the clutch arm moves. It the arm does move, hold the lever down and push the bike. It should move without any engine drag. If all that is good, trim the cable but leave about six inches hanging out so that you can adjust it again later if you need to.

the small spring is pretty much just unnecessary junk.

Im sure someone can find you a picture of it all.
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