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Default Re: ignition timing adjustment methods

there maybe a possible way to gain the benefit of ignition advancement at higher rpm's
if i knew a little more about the coil module "mostly when it decides to fire"
since we have a single coil that both charges the cdi unit and determines when to fire it
"i suspect that it does this at the zero crossing point on the wavefourm "
that point can be minupulated possibly by modifining the pole peice desighn or in modifing the ground wire return circutry with a dc bias voltage if you have any ideas let me know
but tommrrow im trying my staircase ramp on the leading edge of the pole peices and ck with timimg light i did check the stock unit and found timing dead still at all rpms
if its a zero or triggering on the voltage as the second half of the sine wave starts to fourm
some where right after the 180 degree point then a biasvoltage on the ground wire can both advance and retard the spark by several degrees a good start would be about 5% of the charging coils peak voltage
i dunno but im gonna try it "also if it works then the bias voltage can be supplied by the lighting circut
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