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Default Re: Problem with chain.

It takes very little off center on the sprocket to make the chain go slack and tight. On my 2 stroke bike the tension goes from 1/4" slack to almost 3/4" as the wheel turns. There was very little off center when I put the wheel on the bike. I'll take it off eventually and get that sprocket right on the money but right now it's good enough. I think the thing might have shifted a bit in use which isn't impossible since it's only held by a rubber sandwich clamped to the spokes. If you have as much as 1/16" off center on the sprocket it's going to make a fairly large amount of change in chain tension as the sprocket is turned. That's a good argument for an idler pretty close to the sprocket. On my bike there's no idler so I keep a watch on the chain tension. I like running without an idler because it quiets the bike and makes it easier to pedal.
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