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Default Re: ignition timing adjustment methods

if timing is fixed for most power at lets say 6000 rpm its onlt 66 cc its not going to gripe much about kicking back when trying 2 start now if we had a500 cc bore id want a spark retarder just to get it started but after its running id return it to its advanced position
we dont need much of a active advance curve just a good way to set the spark timing at all 2 would be nice because you dont have to be far off to loose peak power
these chinas were built to run detuned and for $125 they werent concerned about much after that as a matter of fact im shure theyll last a lot longer running a little rich (4 strokin) not getting high revs and not getting so hot trying to put out peak power
were working with popcycle sticks and elmers glue theres only so much that should be done lol
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