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Default Re: Need help with first build

Originally Posted by Unsolved Rubix View Post
Thanks, Yea I actualy got it mounted pretty securely, I got the foot peg on by inserting it over and using a nut I had to secure it down. Tension has been my main issue I am trying to fix...but now I have a whole new problem. I spaced out all of my engineering brain earlier and I realized I mounted the dang thing on the wrong side. Which lead to me cursing almost throwing my flashlight.
Yes it helps to know which way your engine turns. I have done that as well but fortunately it is a mistake you make only once. Tension is best handled with either a heavy spring or a strip of metal bolted to you engine platform and then to the frame at the axle housing. There are a couple of 1/4 inch holes there for fender supports ext. I have come to the conclusion that I like them metal from a fender support for tension. If you use one on either side they keep the engine straight with tension as well. I think the hanging engine would be hard on the drive shaft bearing.

Good luck.

PS you got lucky if you could bolt the ped to the drive shaft. Make sure it is good and tight use a good lock washer cause they tend to come off at the worst times.
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