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Default List of Online Assembly Instructions

I'm not sure if there's a thread like this already but I searched and couldn't find one.

After finding the Zoom Bicycles Installation Manual very helpful, I realized it would be great for newer members to the forum (like myself) and those who are new to building MB's (like myself )to have a thread that has many different assembly instructions. Maybe if we get enough links and good info this can be added to the "Classic Instructions Area". When I first joined I actually thought that was what that section contained.


Many Chinese companies reuse other's instructions in case you're wondering why some look similar.


2. FAQ/ Installation: F A Q. Bicycle Motors,Motorized Bicycle,Bicycle Engine
More: KingMotorBikes - Bicycle Engine Kits Installation Manuals - Bicycle Motor Kits Manuals


4. bicycle motor/engine kit basic written installation instructions from

5. Gas Bike - Bicycle Motor Manual and Video (and VIDEO)

6. Motorized Bicycle Kit Installation Instructions

7. To be added


1. Muffler: YouTube - Installing the muffler
Carb: YouTube - Mounting carburetor to the motor

2. To be added

I don't know if this forum has a youtube embed code but if not this is a suggestion to the admin to get one. It allows you to post videos from youtube right in threads. Here's a link:

How to safely allow embedded YouTube videos?

Thanks for reading!
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