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Default Re: Psyched in Portland

Originally Posted by mabman View Post
Just make sure you use a 35cc or less engine here in OR as per regs. And have fun with it!
why 35cc or less

Thanks and welcome to the site William
That calypso sure is nice to ride around isn't it?

Sorry no blog
Have ya ever motorized a bicycle before?
Motorizing a calypso is just like motorizing anything else (if ya plan on riding it around like a bicycle you will notice the added weight of the engine)
as you can see as far as the engine goes it is a VERY tight fit
like I said I have to remove the spark plug just to get it in
but once it is in obviously the spark plug goes right back in
as tight of a fit as it is you and I are VERY fortunate that it even does fit

If you want a four stroke to fit your frame you gotta contact this guy
tyrslider (be sure to tell him that you have the same bicycle as jared8783)
He will be able to sell you an engine mount that will work
since it is such a tight fit i doubt that any other will work
plus his mount is VERY sturdy
I would get a chain tensioner from him as well
very sturdy
however the clamps he sent with the tensioner were too small diameter for the trek
i just went to my local hardware store to get different clamps

you oughta contact this guy

Creative Engineering

for a sprocket adapter
seeing as how the rag joints are known for breaking spokes
his sprocket adapter is the best

as far as gearbox i am currently waiting on the cvt belt drive from
you can keep up on that
if you are interested in this forum
he talked about it a bit on the last few pages

if everything goes well i will have one in a few weeks
i will be helping him test it
it is too early to say when it will be available to the public or a price

for engine i am using the honda gxh50
you can also use the huesheng it is a chinese "clone" of the honda

if ya have anymore questions just let me know

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