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Default Re: New from Philly, PA. Getting ready to build my first motored bike.

Yarp - good guess FTW

You can dab a small amount of grease on the gears under that cover, but no more than say 1/2 the size of a pencil eraser (don't want excess in the clutch itself ofc). People also line the clutch cover with rubber mat (mouse pad cut to fit), or buy covers for the outside - or even what I did, which is just sprayin' a coupla coats of rubberized undercoating on the inside of just the cover itself, which works quite well.

It IS kinda a disturbing noise heh - I assumed the thing was tearin' itself apart 'cause some guy in China had left something in there he shouldn't

4500 miles later - it sounds the same o_O *shrug*
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