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Default Re: Some seriously basic newbie queries

Wow! Thanks for all the replies guys! Nougat - I had no idea there were so many different mount options! I'm definately keen on the 'in frame' look, and Cheech/Professor, I have a friend who's a bicycle mechanic so will make sure the brakes are seen to as a priority.

Check out the fourth bike from the bottom of the VeniceMotorBikes dot com page. That's pretty much what bike I have and what "look" I was going for. The picture of the motor engine at the very bottom of their page shows that a sprocket comes with the kit...

Hang on... I *think* I've just got it.

Am I right in saying it doesn't matter what gears I have currently on the bike (or lack thereof in my case - I've only got the single front & rear sprocket) because the bike engine actually runs via a chain down the "other side" of the bike, and connects to the additional sprocket that's supplied with the engine?
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