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Default What's the real reason for Chain Tensioners

Could someone pleeeze tell me the real reason why we use chain tensioners at all? I've had over 20 motorcycles,motorbikes,mini bikes in my life and never needed a chain tensioner.Is it because it's in your kits? Throw them in the corner and learn to mount the chain correctly the first time. Is it because of chain stretch...get a quality 415 chain from a local motorcycle dealer.Really the only time I really see a purpose is as an idler for stretch bikes chain support.The truth is they are sooo much fun to work with and they look sooo damn cool up against that brand new paint job you just finished.Of course I know that no one here has eeevver pulled one into their spokes,spent the day picking their teeth out of the handle bars and unwinding that brand new useless rear wheel.Just as you got it perfectly aligned(...and wrecked your frame drilling a bolt hole to lock that bastard down)that big smile on you face turns a cursing fit because the idle wheel loosens up and you just wrapped your chain around the hub,knocked that sprocket that you worked so hard on,out of alignment,bent or broke your chain and again knocked your other tooth out.Just then(bleeding profusely)you search through that 40lbs. of tools you need to carry in your backpack just for these emergencies,you realize 12Km from home you forgot your chain-breaker or spare master link.Well as you limp home in the dark cursing at the moon and thanking the gods for peddles,you swear on your handy 10mm wrench that you will invent the next the greatest thing since sliced bread...TADA! the new and improved no-fault,never-fail Chain Tensioner!!!!!
The next day when you get back from the Dentist you set forth to create this savior of men on two wheels you realize that other guy sitting next to you at the Dentist had already tested your patented technology with typical results.And so it goes..."Resistance Is Futile"!
Wanna discuss my crash theories?or maybe talk about your adventures? please can we see the pictures of your wrecked bikes and dental X-rays the way I to still use some sort of tensioner on most of my bikes...Damn...Cheech P.S. I've burned most of my crash pictures...
Hey,guys before everyone gets real serious it's just a "been there,done that" post .Just thought I'd get some funny or even tragic stories about chain tensioners.So keep it light. We all know the real sell more chains and rims...hehehe..Peace ...Cheech
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